All products are manufactured in Japan under GMP, the medicine's quality and safety standards, and production can achieve an annual output of more than 30 million.
In order to provide products gaining worldwide recognition and with superior Japanese quality, we maintain and update our facilities to improve our product quality continually.

No.1 OTC external medicine

We are very proud that we have the No.1 sales share in Japanese OTC (over the counter) medicine market. From our mainstream products for itch, insect bites relief, our range of product has been extended to various anti-itch series, chap care medicine, medicine with cartoon characters, etc.
Under "The power of healing skin", which is our corporate slogan, we will explore constantly to become a well-known enterprise in the field of healing skin troubles.

Over 110 years' history

IKEDA MOHANDO has over 110 years' history since we set up our business in 1909.
Facing the new era, we will keep "researching and developing only-one products" as our policy and "challenge to advance" as our motto to keep writing new chapters of our history on time-honored traditions and resources.

GMP-compliant production system

Japanese GMP guidelines are not only a method of keeping the quality and safety of medicine but also essential standards that medicine manufacturing enterprises have to comply with. These guidelines touch mostly all aspects of our manufacturing process, from the structure of our factory and manufacturing equipment to the management of raw materials and education for employees, etc. We are in compliance with GMP to manufacture and supply our all products with leading-edge equipment, manufacturing methods and strict management of quality.

Aim to be No.1 in Asia

More than fifty years have passed since we began exporting to Hong Kong and Macao in 1962, Malaysia and Singapore in 1963. By opening up local markets proactively with products and brands exclusive to each region, MOPIKO has become the top brand of anti-itch medicine in these markets.
In 2017, we started to export products to Taiwan. Currently we are making great efforts on the future expansion of product lineup.
We will continue putting our efforts into researching and developing our products customized for consumers in Asia. Through that, we will continuously offer "The power of healing skin" from Japan.