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JAPAN Quality


All of our products are manufactured under strict quality and production control standards in compliance with GMP at manufacturing plants located in Japan. We produce about 30 million units annually.

To provide high-quality products worthy of the globally recognized JAPAN Quality, we continue to steadily update, maintain, and improve our facilities every day.

No.1 OTC Medicines for External Use

We are proud of our position as Japan's leading seller in the market for over-the-counter medicines for topical use. The range of products we develop has expanded from what began as ointments for insect bites to new lineups of anti-itch medicines, treatments for cracked skin, pharmaceutical products with cartoon character designs, and more. Committed to provide our customers with "The Power to Heal your Skin," we will stay on our path to becoming the leading provider of topically applied medicines for skin conditions of many types.

History of over 100 Years

Founded in 1909, IKEDA MOHANDO already has over 100 years of experience as a corporation.

This is a history of success based on a company policy of consistently developing innovative, "one-of-a-kind" products with a commitment to "Embarking on Transformation." To embark on transformation for the new generation, we are striving to build a new, unique history based on our time-honored traditions and resources.

GMP-compliant Production System

Japan enforces GMP guidelines (standards for the production control and quality control of drugs and quasi-drugs) created under the advisory of the WHO (World Health Organization). As companies within Japan, we must comply with the GMP guidelines in order to ensure the quality and safety of our products. The guidelines apply to all components involved in our operations, from the building structures and facilities at our manufacturing plant to our systems for storing ingredients and managing employee hygiene. Within our GMP-compliant production system, we produce products under strict quality and production control standards at manufacturing plants equipped with the most advanced equipment.

Our Aim to be No.1 in Asia

Almost fifty years have passed since we began exporting to Hong Kong and Macao in 1962, and to Malaysia and Singapore in 1963. By proactively cultivating local markets with products and brands exclusive to each region, MOPIKO has become the No. 1 brand for anti-itch medicines in these markets. We will continue in our efforts to develop products customized to skincare needs specific to customers in Southeast Asia and to bring, from Japan to you, "The Power to Heal your Skin" in many forms.

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